The TREZOR is one of the oldest, best-known and most-respected cryptocurrency hardware wallets on the market today.

The device is popular with altcoin-industry pros and cryptocurrency geeks because it is the sturdiest wallet currently on the market. There’s also a very high level of security including two-factor authentication, a password manager, secure admin SSH access and a sign and encrypt feature utilizing GPG.

The TREZOR’s main selling points are its high-level of security, toughness, versatility, and ease of use. The wallet has a number of features that are not available on any other wallets currently on the market. These attributes make it one of the best reviewed and most popular storage solutions around.

What is the TREZOR?

The TREZOR Bitcoin Safe is a keychain sized altcoin hardware wallet that is designed to be the toughest and most secure device on the market. Even the name TREZOR, which is Czech for “safe,” signifies security and safety. Although it is called a safe, the TREZOR is really a data storage solution similar to a USB drive.

The TREZOR itself is a small device about the size and shape of a vehicle key fob. It has a small screen and two buttons for control. The purpose of the TREZOR is to offer cold or offline storage for cryptocurrencies.

It is also designed to provide an added layer of security with firewalls and other features. Theoretically, the TREZOR is supposed to keep your money safe from crooks even on a computer that has been hacked or infected with Malware.

The TREZOR connects to computers and smartphones via a USB cable. This allows you to download and store altcoins or upload altcoins to the web. The TREZOR is generally considered the oldest cryptocurrency wallet on the market it was first sold in August 2014.

Currently, the TREZOR can be used to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, ERC-20, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash or Bcash and Zcash. To use cryptocurrencies you will have to download and install an application called TREZOR Wallet or MyEtherWallet.

These wallets allow you to spend, sell and buy cryptocurrency across the web. That means TREZOR is both a digital wallet and a hardware wallet.

Features Not Available on Other Wallets

Much of the TREZOR’s appeal is based on the availability of features not found on other hardware wallets. These features include:

Integration with other altcoin wallets

The TREZOR can be integrated with several popular wallets available online including Electrum. Note: you may need to use specific wallets for certain currencies such as DASH. A Chrome extension for TREZOR is also available.


The TREZOR Wallet is an interface that lets you integrate your safe with your computer. All you need to install it is to download a Chrome extension from the Wallet site. This lets you make online payments and transfer money with the coins in the wallet.

Works with Online Services

TREZOR can also work with a number of online services including Bitex, WordPress, Bitstamp, Coinpayments, Coinmap, Bitwala, Osclass, and Strip48it. This means you can pay for some of these services using TREZOR or move money into them with the device.

Works with Android

TREZOR will also work with Android devices including smartphones and tablets via the TREZOR Manager app. The App can be found at Google Play and it was created by TREZOR’s manufacturers SatoshiLabs. Unfortunately, TREZOR does not seem to work with Apple or Windows phones. You can connect it directly to the phone or tablet via a Micro USB cable to work with Android. A mobile connection is also available.

Sign and Verify Messages

It is possible to receive messages through TREZOR and sign and verify them. This allows for secure storage and transmission of documents via the blockchain. It might also allow for sending of Ethereum contracts via TREZOR at some point in the future. This might even make it possible to store securities such as bonds on the TREZOR someday.

Small Screen

The TREZOR has a small OLED screen like that on a calculator to display the password. There are small buttons that you use to input a pin code to gain access to your altcoins.

Password-Less Login

An interesting of the TREZOR is password less login to some online solutions including Github. To get this you will need to download one of the Chrome Apps for TREZOR.


Support for the TREZOR and the digital wallet are provided by the Satoshi Labs Team, and the community. This website connects users to a number of resources including a handy user’s manual and frequently asked questions.

TREZOR Connect

TREZOR Connect is an app that lets you connect with a number of third party services such as Github it is available through the TREZOR website.

Like Ledger’s Nano S, the TREZOR will work with computers with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. That means will work with Google Chrome devices since that operating system is Linux based. Note: like the Nano S it may not work with older versions of operating systems.

The Toughest Wallet on the Market

The TREZOR also enjoys a reputation as the toughest cryptocurrency hardware wallet on the market today.

Unlike the Ledger Nano S, the TREZOR is waterproof and is designed to be impact resistant. That means it is supposed to survive if you drop it or hit it. That makes the TREZOR an ideal solution for somebody that wants to carry a supply of altcoins around.

The TREZOR is also designed to survive some extremes of cold and heat. It is supposed to be able to function at temperatures as low as -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 Celsius) That means it should survive most of the weather conditions you encounter.

The TREZOR is designed to survive some of the dangers of everyday life including baggage handlers, rain, being dropped and more. It is also supposed to be tamper proof because of password protection and two-factor authentication.

Despite that, the TREZOR is small and lightweight. It only weighs 12 grams (.42 ounces) and it is just 60 millimeters long and 30 millimeters wide.

This makes the TREZOR ideal for travel because it can survive in luggage or a camping trip. More importantly, the device can be easily plugged into public computers or an Android phone for quick internet access if need be.

Persons who work in risky environments such as workshops, construction sites, farms or factories can also use the TREZOR. It should be able to survive a day of hard work while in your pocket. This makes TREZOR an ideal solution for working-class cryptocurrency geeks.

TREZOR has also received some certifications for environmental standards, quality, and reliability.

Who Makes the TREZOR Anyway?

The TREZOR was designed by a team of security and cryptocurrency experts at Satoshi Labs in the Czech Republic. Satoshi Labs is regarded as one of the pioneers of altcoin.

Among other things, they claim to have created Slush Pool, the first altcoin mining pool, Coinmap, the first merchant app for altcoins and TREZOR the first hardware wallet. Since then they have earned a lot of praise from cryptocurrency bigwigs and industry organizations including Coindesk. It has also attracted some mainstream attention from Forbes and CNN.

Satoshi Labs does not appear to be associated with Bitcoin’s anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Nor is there is any known connection between Satoshi Labs and Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, who has been identified as Satoshi Nakamoto in some media accounts.

Unlike Ledger, Satoshi Labs has only marketed one hardware wallet so far. Ledger has manufactured and marketed at least three wallets including Nano S, HW.1 and the upcoming Ledger Blue.

Where to Find and Buy the TREZOR

The other big advantage to the TREZOR is that it is very easy to find and order online. Unlike the Nano S, it is usually in stock at most online retailers probably because of the higher price.

The TREZOR can be ordered directly from Santoshi Labs for €89 ($106.98). One drawback to this deal is that wallets are only available in black or white. You can also get three for €245 ($294.49) a discount of €22 ($26.44) each. That makes for a savings of €66 ($79.32). The three-pack contains one black wallet, one white TREZOR and a random-colored device.

You can also order a TREZOR from Satoshi Labs via Amazon Prime for $103.61 with free two-day shipping. Other Amazon deals include a combo pack containing one black and one white TREZOR for $209.95 from cryptoHWwalletCOM. That deal includes free shipping. There are also some accessories including a carrying case available at Amazon.

The TREZOR is not currently available at, although it could be ordered through the Walmart subsidiary for $103.61, a price that includes free shipping on September 8, 2017. Jet is an online discounter that offers free shipping on orders over $35 in the United States.

Amazon is undoubtedly the best place to find TREZOR in North America. It does not seem to be available from Walmart and the prices from other sellers were higher than those at Amazon.

Is the TREZOR the Best Hardware Wallet?

The TREZOR is usually ranked as the number one or number two hardware wallet by the online reviewers.

Reviewers the TREZOR because it is rugged and easy to use, although the Ledger Nano S often beats it for number one. The Nano S is not as rugged as the TREZOR and is often hard to find online. Ledger products, unlike TREZORs, are often sold out at big online merchants such as Amazon.

A big advantage that TREZOR has for North Americans is that you can get it quickly through Amazon Prime. That can make it more useful for a person who needs an altcoin storage solution quickly.

Most reviewers ranked the TREZOR as easier to use than the Nano S, but the Ledger solution stores more cryptocurrencies. There are several popular altcoins, including Dogecoin that the TREZOR will not support. Although TREZOR will support the coins that real people are likely to use including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

The TREZOR’s biggest advantage over the Nano S is in its’ ruggedness. The Nano S is not waterproof and its’ design is more fragile. TREZOR is designed to survive being dropped or stored in a suitcase that might be thrown around by baggage handlers or bellhops. The Nano S is not, and it is more vulnerable to damage because of the folding design.

TREZOR is usually more expensive than the Nano S, but you can find it at a lower price if you shop around online. Prices might fall as more online discounters start offering the TREZOR.

Some Drawbacks to the TREZOR

There are some drawbacks to the TREZOR that will deter many users. Many people prefer the Nano S because they find it more versatile and easier to use.

The biggest complaint about the TREZOR is that it will only support a handful of cryptocurrencies. Several popular altcoins including NEO, currently the fifth most popular coin, will not work with the wallet. That also means you cannot store your investment in initial cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs) on the TREZOR.

Another complaint is the small screen and buttons which can be hard to use. There are only two buttons the current version of the device. This can make it difficult to access funds or use the wallet without access to a computer or smartphone.

The small size adds to these complaints because many people have a hard time reading the screen without a magnifying glass. Others complain that they end up having to use objects like pens to work the small buttons.

Also deterring customers is the lack of other models from Satoshi Labs. Ledger now offers one other wallet the smaller and cheaper HW.1 and planning to release the most elaborate hardware storage solution yet – the Ledger Blue in October. The Ledger Blue is a safe built to look like a touch screen tablet that will let users operate the wallet like a computer.

Satoshi Labs appeared to have no plans for additional models or devices like the Ledger Blue or HW.1, in September 2017. That might put it at a serious disadvantage when competing with Ledger. There is a strong possibility that competition with its French rival might force Satoshi to bring more devices to market.

Many serious cryptocurrency geeks dislike the TREZOR because of its lack of versatility. Interestingly enough some of them will admit that they own and use the device in online writings. A lot of people use the TREZOR because it was the first hardware wallet on the market.

Who Should Own and Use the TREZOR

The TREZOR would be the best solution for people who travel a lot, and those who spend much of their time in harsh, or hostile environments.

This might include farmers, factory workers, fishermen, miners, oilfield workers, construction workers, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, police officers, people that work outdoors, truck or bus drivers, contractors and those who travel in low-tech areas. One reason why the TREZOR is a great resource for working people is that there are carrying cases and even belt holders available for it.

Anybody that is planning long-distance or international travel should consider bringing a TREZOR along. A TREZOR would also be an ideal resource for a camping, hunting, hiking or fishing trip.

People that travel a lot for their jobs including sailors, members of the military, pilots, flight attendants, truck drivers, bus drivers, salespeople, missionaries, and consultants might also benefit from a TREZOR. A good use of a TREZOR would be to take funds to nations without reliable banking systems.

A big advantage to the TREZOR is that one can easily be mailed or shipped via UPS or FedEx if necessary. That provides a handy means of sending cryptocurrency to friends, family or business associates. People who live in developing countries or spend a lot of time in developing nations would be well served by the TREZOR.

Why you should own more than One Hardware Wallet

Serious cryptocurrency users should consider owning two or more hardware wallets. There are several excellent reasons why you should own more than one wallet and devices from different manufacturers.

Different wallets were designed for different purposes. The TREZOR was intended as a rugged storage solution for persons that need to transport or hide altcoins under rough conditions.

The Nano S was designed as simply an easy to access off net storage device. Ledger HW.1 was created as a low-cost alternative to TREZOR and Nano S. The upcoming Ledger Blue is a high-end device for people that own or use large amounts of cryptocurrency.

Therefore, it would be a good idea to own a TREZOR for travel. You can keep your currency in a Nano S at home, but move it into the TREZOR when you leave on vacation or a business trip. A Nano or HW.1 would also be a good solution for cryptocurrency that you want to store in a safe or safety deposit box.

It makes no sense to spend extra money for a rugged and waterproof device if you intend to store it in an airtight box. Nor does it make any sense to purchase a more fragile solution if you intend to spend a lot of time traveling or working outside.

A person that uses a lot of cryptocurrency for her business might be better served waiting for the Ledger Blue. Ledger’s plans call for the Blue to be equipped with enterprise-grade encryption to make it attractive to bankers, hedge-fund managers, and big-time investors.

Providing an Added Layer of Protection

Another reason to own more than one hardware wallet is diversification. Diversification is a fancy term for not putting all your eggs in one basket. Your altcoins might be safer if you keep them in different wallets. That way you won’t lose all of your investment if one wallet gets stolen, confiscated, lost, damaged or destroyed.

For example, you might take your Bitcoin with you in your TREZOR, but leave your Ethereum or DASH in a Nano S at home, when you travel. That way you won’t be at risk for losing all or most of your funds – if you get robbed at the airport.

Something to remember is that cryptocurrency wallets are not like bank accounts. They are not insured by the government, like savings and checking accounts are in Canada and United States.

That means there might be no way to get your money back if something happens to a hardware wallet. Having a second wallet with some funds in it safely tucked away at home or in your safety-deposit box can ensure that you always have some cryptocurrency available.

TREZOR as a Survival Resource

A good strategy for preppers, persons who live in volatile areas, and those interested in an off-grid lifestyle is to stash one or more TREZORs filled with Bitcoin among your survival gear. That way you will have access to a useful currency – even in an emergency situation.

All preppers should remember that you cannot spend gold or silver at the grocery store or the filling station. You can use a cryptocurrency Visa or MasterCard at those places – provided they have electricity and the internet.

Some places to hide a TREZOR for survival include your vehicle, luggage, your first aid kit, your camping gear, your coat or jacket, your toolkit, your purse, and your bug out bag. A bug out bag is a container full of essential supplies designed for fast travel. Other great places to stash a TREZOR filled with Bitcoins would be in a survival shelter, a boat, a small plane or in your second home.

You can also give TREZORs full of Bitcoin to family members, employees, business associates, friends and others that might be traveling or going away. For example, you might give one to a student going off to college, a loved one traveing for business, a person emigrating to another country, or a child entering the military. That way such a person can always have some cryptocurrency available.

The TREZOR’s rugged construction, easy use, waterproofing and compatibility with Android make it an ideal survival resource. If you need a means of storing cryptocurrency and accessing it fast under a wide variety of conditions – the TREZOR would be an ideal resource.

Even though the Nano S gets better reviews, the TREZOR is the better hardware wallet for real people in the real world. Ledger would be well advised to bring out a rugged wallet comparable to the TREZOR.