Learning anything about initial cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs) can be a real challenge because good information about new cryptocurrencies is rare.

The mainstream media rarely covers ICOs, and usually gets it wrong when they do. The websites and press-releases created by token issuers are usually nothing but marketing materials that only tell you what’s good about the altcoin.

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To make matters worse, some of the ICO-promotion materials can be very inaccurate. Many of them contain the wrong dates and only a very limited view of the company and its products.

How to Find Real News about ICOs

Fortunately, there are a lot of good sources of information about initial cryptocurrency offerings out there – but you will have to search for them. You will also have to be very careful because a lot of the “news coverage” of ICOs is really press releases created by paid publicists.

Always be very sceptical about any claim about an ICO even if it is in a so-called respectable news outlet. Even professional journalists can be fooled or bribed by slick operators. Be doubly sceptical if a “news article” says only good things about an ICO – if it does there is a strong possibility the story is a rewritten press release.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the first news story you see about an ICO will always be a press release. Press releases will only tell you what the people who paid for them want you to see.

A good way to verify a news story’s authenticity is to run a search for it. If the story only appears in one place there’s a good possibility it is fake news. Real stories usually pop up at several different websites, and in different versions. Fake news almost always looks the same and repeats the same story.

Some Good Sources of Information about ICOs

Here is a list of reliable information sources about initial cryptocurrency offerings. Be careful even when using these resources, because even the best editors and journalists get fooled occasionally.

The Ultimate Mega Guide to Making Millions with ICO’s — Ben Krypto, the site owner of CryptoIncome.io, wrote the most detailed guide on making real money with ICO’s you’ll find. This is a must read for anyone who is looking to invest in ICO’s and wants to read a detailed written guide on how to go about it.

Smart ICO Investor This website features a lot of really good commentary about initial offerings. It was started and is run by options traders led by Samuel McCulloch so there is some real investment experience here. This is also a good place to see a different viewpoint on new ICOs.

CoindeskThis website is the most comprehensive news source about cryptocurrency around. News about altcoins often appears here long before the mainstream media picks up on it.

A lot of the reporters at mainstream business outlets get their news about cryptocurrency from Coindesk. That means ICO stories that appear there will often influence media coverage. Many ICO press releases often appear at Coindesk first.

A big advantage to Coindesk is that it will give you the bad news about ICOs. That includes stories on the frauds and pump and dump scams and security breaches which some of the news outlets ignore.

Coin Market CapThis is website is the best real-time source of Coin Price and market data around. It will give you the Coin Price, Market Cap, Market Volume, and Circulating Supply of any cryptocurrency is on the market.

A visit to Coin Market Cap can tell you how much an actively-traded cryptocurrency is worth, and if there is a real demand for it. Coin Market Cap offers lots of handy tools including converters and charts.

A great use of Coin Market Cap is to check the value of older ICOs and to compare new issues with older offerings. Another is to determine if there is a Total Supply, which can affect the Coin Price.

Crush CryptoThis website offers a library of materials about ICOs including guides for beginners, analysis, and market updates. One of the best resources here are the analyses of ICOs, including many obscure ones that will not be found anywhere else.

Personally, we feel this is the best of the ICO review sites. A lot of investors put trust in what Crush Crypto has to say about an ICO. Any ICO rated as Good / Good by Crush Crypto, typically gets a lot of hype just because of this. 

Crush Crypto is a great resource for beginners and a good place to get an overview of some of the new ICOs on the market.  Another advantage to Crush Crypto is that it is easy to read and use.

EtherDeltaThis marketplace for ERC20 (Ethereum-based) tokens is a good place to see and trade in new tokens. One advantage to EtherDelta is that the tokens here will be Ethereum-based so they can be converted into the second most popular cryptocurrency.

Another good use for EtherDelta is to see if anybody is actually trading in an ICO. This website will provide some of the basic market data about ICOs such as Market Capitalization and Coin Price as well as giving you a chance to buy the tokens.

Coin ScheduleIf you are looking for one place where most of the ongoing token sales and ICOs are listed this is it. It also contains a long list of upcoming token sales and offerings. If you want to get a grasp of the size of the ICO market this is a really good place to look.

Coin schedule also features a list of conferences and events, blogs and other resources. A great site because it has mostly information.

CyberFundThis site is basically a blog that contains a lot of information about select ICOs and crowdfunding efforts. It does offer a list of active crowd sales. It is associated with the investment projects Satoshi Pie and Satoshi Fund.

The Reddit ICO Crypto ForumYes it can be hard to read and wading through all the posts takes a lot of time, but Reddit still provides a lot of great information. A lot of new ICOs and proposed projects are announced here first.

This is a great place to get your questions about crypto assets answered and to expose yourself to alternative opinions. Be a little careful because not all the information here is good.

Hacker NoonThere are lots of Medium blogs about cryptocurrency, but this one provides the most information. It offers a lot of technical ideas and new ideas. Geeks interested in learning about cryptocurrency and how it works will love it.

Non-geeks will get a little put off. Investors should watch Hacker Noon carefully because new uses for blockchain and new cryptocurrencies are often discussed here first. If you are willing to wade through all the entry you can find some good information at Hacker Noon. There are many ICO articles here as well.

Smith + CrownThis is a long list of ICOs, Token Sales and crowd sales that contains short descriptions of each offering. It is useful because the token symbol and ICO date is listed. Also lists older ICOs you can invest in.

The Ethereum Project – The home of Ethereum features a “tool kit” for creating ER20 ICOs. Available products include a tradeable token with a fixed supply, a puzzle-based cryptocurrency, and a central bank that can issue money.

Tools for building a project with a trustless crowdsale are also available here. You can also build centralized applications (DApps), virtual organizations, and democratic autonomous organizations with the tools Ethereum provides. The Ethereum Project one of the best place to get a prevue of new uses for Ethereum and cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Some other ICO Resources

There are many other resources that ICO investors can utilize. A good place to follow developments in the larger economy is mainstream financial news outlets like The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, The Financial Times, Business Insider, and Bloomberg, all of those organizations do an excellent job of covering general business, stocks, and economic news.

Some of the tech media such as Tech Crunch, Motherboard, and Wired provide decent coverage of technology and blockchain. There are some open-sourced news organizations that provide better than average coverage, our favorite is Seeking Alpha.

A few mainstream publications including The Guardian, Vice, The New York Times, and The Washington Post occasionally provide good news coverage of crypto topics. Watch these outlets for stories about regulation and political developments.

There are also quite a few blogs and bloggers that occasionally touch upon cryptocurrency and ICO subjects. You will have to search for them, but the better ones are developing a following.

Sometimes running a simple Google Search can yield surprising amounts of information about an ICO or cryptocurrency. Always run a search, you might be shocked by what you learn and the new resources that you might uncover.

There are many excellent sources of information about initial cryptocurrency offerings available. Taking advantage of a number of these resources can help you become a better informed, and more effective, cryptocurrency investor.