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The Ultimate Zilliqa Review: Solving the Great Scalability Problem

Scalability is the number one problem facing Blockchain today. And it’s a technically challenging problem, one with no easy solution that’s prevented blockchain technology from reaching real-world adoption. But this problem may, for the first time, have a real solution thanks to Zilliqa, the world’s first blockchain with a sharding implementation. Zilliqa solves the scalability problem through a version of sharding called transaction sharding. It’s a more limited sharding solution compared to state sharding (which has technical challenges that still have not been solved and may never be solved), but it’s a form of sharding that works. And frankly,...

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The Ultimate Guide How to Protect Your Cryptocurrency from Scammers, Hackers, and Your Own Stupidity

It’s fairly common to hear about people losing their entire crypto portfolio to a scam or hack or phishing site. Follow any crypto slack group or Facebook group or trawl through and you’ll find a plentiful supply of ‘Someone Emptied Out My Crypto Account!!” stories abound. Expect the loss of crypto funds through theft/scams to be a common theme over the coming years as more and more ‘new’ money enters the market. Why is this happening? Because with cryptocurrency YOU are the bank. BE YOUR OWN BANK If you can’t secure your crypto holdings on your own, you risk losing...

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Can You Survive Only on Cryptocurrency? (Yes Because I’m Doing It Now)

  One of the first big moves that I’m making over 2018 is to wean myself entirely off fiat and survive completely on Cryptocurrency alone. That means I want to pay all my bills and cover all expenses entirely from crypto. Is this possible? Can you really live entirely off of Bitcoin or Ethereum? The answer is yes. I’ve been doing this so far the past 3 weeks and it’s working out exactly as I imagined it would (that is, wonderfully) How Am I Living Full Time on Crypto? Now, now live on Crypto, you need two things readily...

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3 Under-the-Radar Chinese Cryptocurrencies That Will Soon Be Valued in the Billions

Chinese coins are the bee’s knees in the crypto world with many Chinese coins recently exploding in value. Investors are eagerly searching for the next Chinese coin that promises a huge return. A look at some of the recent Chines cryptocurrencies shows a rise in market cap from mere millions to many billions in only a few months. Join our Crypto Income Telegram Group if you want to talk with other crypto investors about ICO’s, alt coins, and more. For example: Popular Chinese Coin Prices From November 2017 to January 12th NEO: $25 to $100 Venchain: .18c to $8...

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The Ultimate Mega Guide How to Make Millions with Cryptocurrency ICOs

My previous article (How I Made a Million Dollars in Just 3 Weeks over at my other site, took me by surprise because it completely hijacked my other website, which was dedicated to internet marketing, and turned it into a sort of pseudo crypto blog. Because of that article, I’m now inundated with all manner of questions about what hot cryptocurrency to pick, the best ICO, and how to make money with cryptocurrency, and a bunch of ‘how do I get rich from cryptocurrency’ type questions. In an attempt to deflect the hoard of questions and provide some basic...

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