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How to Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins with Cash

Despite what some people think converting cash into cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, is actually fairly easy. There are a number of effective methods for turning either Canadian or U.S. dollars into altcoins available to most people. There are a few important things that you must know about such conversion before you begin. Vital knowledge you need to know about cryptocurrency conversion includes: It will cost you: almost every broker, exchange, ATM, and digital wallet charges at least a small fee for converting government or fiat currency to altcoins. Always make sure you know what the conversion fees are because...

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The Ultimate Guide to Zcash

Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency designed with one goal in mind: increasing personal privacy. Unlike Ethereum and NEO, the team behind Zcash simply wants to create, a highly-secure, easy to use, and very private means of storing and transmitting funds. That is why they have plans to create what they call a worldwide economic platform, but no planned solutions for business in the form of initial cryptocurrency offerings (ICOs), bitcoin-based documents, or markets. Despite that Zcash has some similarities to Ethereum or Ether. Like Ethereum and XEM or NEM, Zcash is promoted and maintained by a nonprofit organization called...

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The Ultimate Guide to DASH: All in one Digital Cash Platform

A great way to describe DASH would be as the best cryptocurrency that you have never heard of (well, unless you actually follow the top performing crypto currencies). DASH stands for ‘Digital Cash.’ Technically all crytocurrencies aim to be a form of digital cash, but DASH has tried to brand the term with their moniker. Most likely, if you are new to cryptocurrency or only know cryptos by hearing about Bitcoin or Ethereum on the news, you won’t know DASH. But DASH has been taking the world of cryptocurrencies by storm lately with some incredible price increases. The cryptocurrency,...

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The Ultimate Guide to NEM: The Japanese Crypto

The best way to think of NEM is that it’s THE Japanese version of Ethereum. Like Ethereum, NEO, and Waves, NEM is actually a blockchain-based platform for financial services that includes a cryptocurrency. The centerpiece of NEM is not the cryptocurrency, but a Smart-Asset blockchain that sounds a great deal like Ethereum’s Smart Contract. Both are efforts to create transparent, secure, encrypted, and tamper-resistant digital investments on the blockchain. Both Smart Contracts and Smart Assets are designed to create permanent records of financial transactions that cannot be erased. Beyond that NEM is designed to be a blockchain-based financial services...

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Crypto Debit Cards: Spending Cryptocurrency in the Real World

The biggest drawback to cryptocurrency is also the most obvious one: it is impossible to spend most altcoins in the real world. You cannot use DASH at the grocery store, Ethereum at the gas station, or Ripple at the corner bar. To use cryptocurrency for purposes like buying food for your family, or paying the electric bill you have to sell it. That can take time, cost money, and make it hard to deal with sudden emergencies. There is a solution to this problem; known as crypto-debit cards. What is a Crypto-Debit Card? A crypto-debit card is a Visa...

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