Chinese coins are the bee’s knees in the crypto world with many Chinese coins recently exploding in value. Investors are eagerly searching for the next Chinese coin that promises a huge return.

A look at some of the recent Chines cryptocurrencies shows a rise in market cap from mere millions to many billions in only a few months.

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For example:

Popular Chinese Coin Prices From November 2017 to January 12th

  • NEO: $25 to $100
  • Venchain: .18c to $8
  • Walton: $5 to $15
  • Tron: .002c to .10c
  • Wabi: $1.30 to $4.30

If you think you missed the boat on these coins, fear not! There’s a new wave of upcoming Chinese-coins that may just go parabolic over 2018, rising into multi-billion dollar valuations.

These coins are what I consider under-the-radar, not yet marketed to the western audience and unavailable in the big ‘well known’ exchanges, which means they are the perfect investment opportunity for investors willing to get in early before the hype and investor FOMO starts picking up steam.

Let me be clear here: these are coins that you need to be prepared to hold for the mid-term at least (2 to 6 months) to unlock the real gains.

Those investors looking for a quick flip, I recommend putting your energy into the ICO mania(read my Ultimate Guide to Making Millions with ICO’s) or buy into hype coins like Ripple that regularly spike on hype news.

These Chinese coins I mention below are all what I consider medium to long-term HODL coins for the patient investors who are looking for the next ‘big’ thing and want to get in well before the hype starts.

Getting in pre-hype for cheap is HOW you make real money in this game. This is where you see 5x, 10x, 30x, 50x, and 100x returns. But it’s a game for the patient.

So get em while they are cheap folks!

1. AELF (AKA ‘The Polkadot of China’)

AELF is a crypto that aims to solve both scalability and cross-chain communication by introducing the concept of parallel sidechains.

AELF has been labelled as the ‘Polkadot of China’ which is true in that it attempts cross-chain communication between different chains.

However, unlike Polkadot (which aims to be a sort of ‘universal API’ for all blockchains), AELF is also proposing a solution to the non-trivial problem plaguing blockchain technology: scalability.

Scalability has perhaps the number one problem preventing blockchain technology from achieving any semblance of mainstream adoption. Ethereum, for example, maxes out at about 15 transactions per second (TPS). This is an order of magnitude too slow for any real mainstream use.

Any single real-world application running on Ethereum would bring the entire network to its knees.  This is not mere speculation either; Cryptokitties, a simple ethereum-based game released in December, did in fact cripple the entire ethereum network with only a few thousand users playing the game.

Fixing scalability is a must-solve problem if blockchain is to gain mainstream adoption. The blockchain that provides a working solution to this will be worth a chunk of the cryptocurrency market cap.

And currently, it’s a race to see who can deliver the first solutions.

Ethereum as of yet is between 3 to 5 years away from fixing the scalability issue (through the implementation of Sharding).

Currently, the only permissionless blockchain that has fixed the scalability problem through sharding is Zilliqa which has a testnet showing speeds of up to 2,500 transactions per second.

Aelf is setting itself as a contender in the scalability race.

Aelf like Zilliqa is proposing a scalability solution (though it’s still being developed by the team). However, unlike the traditional solutions (sharding), AELF proposes an alternative scaling solution where transactions are split among many sidechains all operating in parallel. This is essentially a form of sharding but with each ‘shard’ operating as a sidechain.

It’s a promising and quite original technical solution to the issue of scalability if the AELF team can pull it off.

AELF never had an ICO and instead sold out right away in a private sale to large VC investors which include the likes of FBG Capital, #Hashed and Alphabit — some of the biggest Asian VC investor groups in the world.

With a long list of top crypto hedge funds backing AELF and the popularity of interoperability cryptos taking the crypto world by storm right now (ICON, AION, Polkadot), AELF looks like a very good investment to have in your portfolio over 2018.

Why It’s Poised for a Major Market Cap Explosion

AELF is still in early stages of development, but considering the coin is solving two of the biggest fundamental problems plaguing blockchain technology, Scalability and Interoperability, AELF looks like a sure mid-to-long-term win as it is addressing both of these issues.

The mainnet release is due in Q2 2018, so the wait for something tangible from the AELF roadmap is not too far off, unlike other interoperability platforms where the wait is measured in years and not months (Polkadot, I’m looking at you).

So the tech looks promising and the implementation of it not too far off.

But you can also add to this the Chinese X factor.

If you’ve been following recent market trends, you’ll observe that Chinese cryptocurrencies have been gobbling up market share like crazy.

AELF is legitimately addressing the two ‘big problems’ holding back blockchain tech from moving beyond experimental tech into mainstream use.

And it’s Chinese.

These two factors make AELF a promising investment indeed.

We’ve got unique tech, we’ve got a platform chain proposing solutions to fundamental blockchain problems, and we’ve got China.

My Price Predictions for AELF over 2018

With a current coin price of $2 and the market cap of about 500 million, AELF can easily reach 10x – 20x over the next couple months. I can see AELF reaching between 2 billion in the short term (5x) and 10x over the mid term (3 to 6 months).

Long-term, provided the AELF team delivers their working mainnet, this coin could reach 20x-50x with a value of $40 to $100 per coin.

Keep an eye on AELF and if you are looking for a fantastic mid to long-term bet, stock up on this coin. It’s still early enough where you can get in a big buy for cheap before the coin starts gaining serious marketcap traction over this year. Currently, you can pick up AELF from Binance.

AELF has already been starting to pick up some hype:

This is just the start of the hype train. Expect AELF to start being a major subject of speculation and news over 2018.

2. AChain (ACT)

Achain is highly underrated Chinese platform coin with some serious moon potential (crypto investor-speak for mega ROI).

Unlike most of the ‘whitepaper cryptos’ being hyped by various shillers, YouTubers, and other so-called ‘expert’ investors, Achain has a working product.

In fact, Achain has been around for several years and already has a thriving ecosystem (with 33 apps deployed on the Achain platform), but is almost entirely unknown (yet) by the western world.

Expect this to change very soon as the western world wakes up to the sleeping dragon that is Achain.

The technical specs of Achain are quite impressive:

  • Over 30 DApps built on Achain
  • Working smart contracts deployed with upcoming support for Java and C++
  • Transaction speeds of 1,000 TPS

Personally, I’m very very excited about Achain.  In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated cryptos right now and when it explodes, it’s going to go parabolic.

Achain has a unique approach to their infrastructure by breaking their system into three spheres intended to be the all-in-one solution to blockchain problems.

  1. Singularity (the Achain) covers smart contract security and stability functioning as the testbed.
  2. Galaxy are the child chains spawned by forking Achain that can be customized for virtually any speciality use. As stated on the Achain website: :Achain splits into multiple sub-chains to meet the need for different applications in the reality, including insurance, e-documentation, cryptocurrency, record investigation, credit rating, and much more can be fulfilled by sub-chains within an interconnected, low-cost, user-friendly, and customized blockchain network.”
  3.  Cosmos is the promise of interconnectivity between the forked child chains and also external chains not based on Achain network (ethereum, for example).

What’s especially interesting about Achain and what I feel sets it apart from other platform plays is the proposal of what’s known as ‘Fork Theory‘, which is the ability to harness the power of forks (creating a new cryptocurrency based on the original cryptocurrency) to create an entire ecosystem based around the core crypto.

Each ‘fork’ can be easily modified to provide additional functionality not present in the core code. This is what the Achain calls their ‘Galaxy fork network’.

This empowers to Achain network to take the powerful forking ability of blockchains, which has been hitherto been used as a source of greed and dissent and harnesses it into a feature that adds extensibility to the system.

Basically, Forking is a strength rather than a weakness.

What’s interesting here for investors, beyond the technical implications of Fork Theory, is that that the base chain (ACT) will be continually used for forks.

Those who hold ATC will be given the forked coins for free. ATC is essentially a goose that will continually lay golden eggs for holders.

Why AChain is Poised for a Major Market Cap Explosion

ACT being relatively unknown outside of China has some huge growth potential. It’s a working platform/infrastructure cryptocurrency that’s competing directly against the likes of other big platforms like Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum, and QTUM. However, with a market cap of only about $350,000 (at time of writing), there is plenty of room to grow.

Compare market caps for competing platform coins:

  • Ethereum: 100 billion
  • NEO: 7 billion
  • Qtum: 3 billion
  • Stratis: 1.5 billion
  • Dragonchain: 900 million

At 300 million market cap, Achain has plenty of growth potential. And with virtually no marketing (yet) to the western world, Achain is poised to explode in value once hungry investors looking for the next big platform coin latch onto it.

Achain is also a Chinese cryptocurrency and one of the only platform ones. Even more, Achain has been in development for several years and has dozens of dApps already deployed onto the network.

A hyped upcoming ICO which looks to be offering crypto-to-fiat exchanges for merchants directly via a specialised POS terminal has partnered with Achain.

In fact, Pundix will be offering their ICO through the Achain platform and the dApp will run on the Achain network itself which is huge news for Achain and a showcases of how powerful Achain is. Achain is also sponsoring the BTC Miami conference end of January 2018. This will help bring awareness to the West about Achain.

So yes, big things for Achain of 2018. It’s cheap as chips right now (at time of writing) at under $1.

A whitepaper cryptocurrency Achain is not!

Market cap potential aside, ACT stands out from all other platform coins with their unique ability to use the fork into new chains, allowing the ACT to solve a multitude of problems, with each forked chain tailed to specialized industries like IOT, Gambling, Gaming, Transportation, and more. All forked chains inherit the core properties of the ATC chain.

Come January 12th, ACT’s first fork ABTC goes live.The forked coin ABTC solves many of the issues plaguing Bitcoin by offering significantly reduced transaction fees, increased transaction speeds and the addition of smart contract functionality. Essentially, ABTC is a mesh of BTC and Ethereum, but with core improvements to both.

All ACT holders will receive ABTC coins in a ratio of 1:1 (one  ABTC per 1 ATC held). All BTC holders will receive ABTC with a ration of 1:100 (100 ABTC per 1 BTC held).

Currently, ABTC futures are trading at $2-3. There is significant revenue opportunity if investors purchase ACT before the upcoming fork as they will receive a significant quantity of ABTC for free.

My price predictions for Achain over 2018:

Achain is poised for some serious growth over the next few months and across 2018. I pertsonally feel Achain could be the next ‘NEO’ level chinese platform breakout. It has all the makings of this. Think ‘Antshares’ back when it was under $2 dollars. Achain could be this. With Chinese coins gobbling up market cap, Achain with their unique Forking technology and working platform will be a significant presence in the Chinese crypto space. Looking at similar infrastructure cryptocurrencies that are valued in the billions, it’s a no-brainer to predict Achain will soon follow suit. I predict the Achain blockchain to gain a value between 3 billion to 10 billion over 2018 seeing investors with 10x ($10) to 30x ($30). What’s also interesting is that the Forked chains will also retain significant value. The first forked coin (ABTC) is already future trading at $3. But even if ABTC is traded at $3, that’s at least 3x profit for ACT holders. The investor value in Achain is in the free forked coins it generates for holders.

3. IoT Chain (AKA The Chinese IOTA)

This under-the-radar cryptocurrency could be the next big thing in crypto space. With little western knowledge yet of this Chinese coin, I see good things price-wise over the coming months as The West wakes up to the behemoth that is IoT Chain.

IoT Chain is being labelled as ‘The Chinese IOTA‘ by some and is backed by some powerful VC funds who are betting this will be the next IOTA, but one that focuses primarily on the Chinese market — a lucrative opportunity that’s ripe for blockchain disruption.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be worth trillions over the next decade and is one of the hottest topics in technology right now with a myriad of potential applications in Security, Artificial Intelligence,  Retail, Transportation, and Supply Chain to name just a few.

It’s no surprise that decentralized solutions tied into the IOT mania are one of the hottest trends in crypto space right now.

IOTA, the leading IOT cryptocurrency, is worth $10 billion and expected to rise over 2018.

Expect a wave of new IOT-centered cryptocurrencies to explode in value as investors look for the next IOTA.

Leading the pack and poised for a market cap explosion may be ITC, a fairly unknown cryptocurrency. Like IOTA, it uses a DAG structure for consensus (i.e. the much hyped ‘tangle’ technology), but unlike IOTA’s tangle technology which poses some serious security risk that have not been officially addressed by IOTA, ITC separates their platform into two layers to solve this problem:

  1. The Security Layer: The Mainnet which uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm to secure the transactions
  2. The Transaction Layer: Multiple subnets running on the mainnet which utilize DAG consensus for transactions

This unique solution allows for both speed and security at the same time. You may think of ITC as a combination of IOTA and NEO.

Why ITC Is Poised for a Major Market Cap Explosion

With a market cap of only $172 million, ITC could be a very good bet for investors who want to ride the IoT hype wave.

The Internet of Things space is still in its infancy, but it’s arguably the frontier of blockchain technology that attracts investors like honey does flies.

At about $4.50 with a market cap of 170 million, ITC is highly undervalued when compared to other IOT projects like IOTA and Railblocks.

  • IOTA : $10,000,000,000
  • Railblocks (XRB): $3,000,000,000

ITC is flying under the radar right now and unknown by the general investor public with little marketing to the western audience. Given this is a Chinese coin and observing how well Chinese coins have been doing recently, ITC stands a good chance of a significant market cap pump once this cryptocurrency gains more western attention.

If ITC can achieve only 10% of the market cap that IOTA has achieved, that’s at least 1 billion or about a 5x growth from the current 200,000,000 market cap.

This is achievable.

ITC is currently only trading on a few smaller exchanges (KUCOIN and OKEX) and has yet to hit any of the big exchanges. Rumors are that ITC may be landing on Binance at any moment. Expect a significant price pump once it does.

If the Chinese IOTA narrative seeps into the minds of investors, ITC could be looking at a market cap of billions in the near future.

There are also some interesting videos showcasing some of the ITC technology.

My Price Predictions for IOT Chain over 2018

ITC reached an all-time high of about $9 (at 350 million market cap) several weeks ago. It has since price corrected by about 50%.

I predict that ITC will reach a valuation somewhere between 2 billion (10x) and  4 billion (25x).

This will would put the price per coin between $50 to $125.

This prediction is mid-term (6 months) to long-term (1 year). Over the short term (1-2 months), I  expect ITC to easily reach 1 billion (5x) once it lands on Binance exchange.

There is a lot of potential for a market cap explosion given few people yet know about ITC and it’s only on a couple small exchanges. With RFID Chinese cryptos reaching multi-billion dollar valuations (Waltcoin, VenChain) and the explosive interest in IOT technology & Blockchain implementations of it, ITC seems well poised for a market cap breakout over the next few months. It’s certainly a cryptocurrency you want to hold over 2017.

The Final Word

Chinese coins are hot and perhaps one of the hottest cryptocurrency trends of 2018. I fully expect a slew of Chinese cryptos to appear out of nowhere and explode in market value over the next 12 months.

We’ve seen big market movements centered around Walton and VeChain recently. Hungry investors are now looking for the next wave of upcoming Chinese cryptocurrencies that are attempting to innovate in China (especially in the area of manufacturing, supply, and telecommunication).

Iot Chain, Aelf, and Achain are some of the standout crypto technologies coming out of China. Each of these cryptocurrencies strong technology and proposes solutions in their unique areas of focus and specifically target the vast social-economic sphere that is China.

As of yet, each of these cryptos is almost unknown in the western world. But this obscurity won’t last long. Expect the valuations of these cryptos to explode upward over 2018.